Spare Parts

    Canadian Robotics carries an extensive line of new & used FANUC spare parts for all FANUC generations RF, RG, RG-2, RH, RJ, RJ-, RJ-3 & RJ-3iB robots.

    We Inventory the following


Canadian Robotics can provide motors or motor repair for any FANUC robots. We strive to be able to assist with all FANUC robotic needs.

Teach Pendant Cables

Teach pendant cables come in standard or custom lengths for any generation, made to YOUR REQUIREMENTS. Key Benefits Cut and abrasion resistant covering to increase the life expectancy of the cable and to save any downtime from blown equipment due to cable damage. Custom lengths: cables can be ordered to specific lengths to avoid any excess cable on the floor.

Electrical Components

Canadian Robotics can provide any electrical needs when it comes to FANUC, Motoman, ABB and Panasonic robotic needs.

Robotic Lubrication

Gear Reducer Lubricant; Molywhite RE NO. 00 grease for maintaining your robot to OEM standard. Batteries - Robot and Controller; Battery types for all Robot and Controller: ABB, FANUC & Motoman.