Miscellaneous Equipment

Lincoln Power Wave Welder

The Power Wave 450 is an advanced waveform controlled power source featuring direct seamless integration of FANUC controllers. This clean, direct communication linkage speeds communication time, while eliminating duplication of components and troublesome cables. The Power Wave 450 has the ability to select or program the optimum output waveform to adapt to puddle dynamics. All this is done within one millionth of a second, making this power source the best choice for reducing spatter, designing weld bead profiles, controlling heat input while maximizing travel speeds. The Power Wave 450 is the single most sought after power source in the industry for robotics welding applications. Used and Reconditioned Powerwave 450 MIG Power source (Pulse welding) 460/ 575 power input, with and without water cooling re circulation pump.

Weld Controller Parts

Robotron Weld controller parts
  • Controller CPU's
  • Firing cards
  • Data entry terminals
  • Cables

Weld Transformer

This transformer is water cooled for maximum efficiency and can be tapped for different output voltage. Resistance Welding transformer Water cooled
  • 265 KVA
  • TR70BX
  • 575 VAC
  • Turn Ration